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VIVO LIFE Plant Based D3 með K2

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Vivo Life Vegan D3 & K2 blanda í vökvaformi 

50 ml / 100 skammtar 2000iu D3 + 25mcg K2 í skammti  

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VIVO LIFE has now created a Vitamin B12 and a Vitamin D3 supplement

These are two extremely important supplements that benefit many people. So along with our team of nutritionists we set out on a mission to develop the healthiest and highest quality B12 and D3 available anywhere in the world.

Both our B12 and D3 come in sublingual (liquid) form. We believe that this is the most bioavailable method to take supplements, as they are absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream without any extra demands on the digestive system.

Liquid form also allows for a much personalised dosage, as you can easily increase or decrease the amount you take using the pipette provided.

Our B12 is in the form of MHA which research has shown to be the most effective form of B12 supplement.

Each serving delivers 500mcg of vitamin B12, which most experts recommend as the optimal amount to supplement with. However this serving size can easily be adjusted using the pipette to suit your individual needs.

Our D3 is sourced from algae, providing an extremely bioavailable plant source of vitamin D. Most vegan vitamin D supplements are in the synthetic form of D2 which does not provide the same benefits as D3.

We have combined this with vitamin K2, which research has shown assists in the absorption of vitamin D.

Both new products have a delicious orange flavour which is easy to take straight from the spoon. They are flavoured only with natural orange essential oils.

And as with all of our products, both our B12 and D3 have been third party tested for quality and purity. No matter how much our range grows we promise to never skip these important tests that make our products so highly trusted.

Framleitt í vottaðri Organic verksmiðju VIVO LIFE í Bretlandi.  (UK) 

Vegan ,  Non GMO , Gluten Free , Soy Free, No synthetic ingredients